20 de noviembre de 2016


Aquí os dejo el material que vamos a trabajar mañana lunes sobre los frutos del otoño en inglés para complementar la salida al mercado del martes 22 de noviembre y así poder  practicar en casa con vuestros hijos e hijas y trabajar tanto el vocabulario con ayuda de las flashcards que he preparado, así como con la canción de las frutas. Las flashcards estarán también expuestas en clase.

 Vocabulario: frutos del otoño.  

 Preguntas para realizar en el mercado: 

Respuestas a las preguntas: 

Vídeo con la canción de la fruta que estamos trabajando en clase: 



Celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy some of Activity Village's Thanksgiving activities for kids. We have a huge collection of Thanksgiving colouring pages, crafts, puzzles and mazes, jokes and all sorts of Thanksgiving printables for your children to enjoy. Scroll down for Thanksgiving fun for all the family...
Happy Thanksgiving from Activity Village!

When is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, which will be 24th November in 2016.

First Thanksgiving

On the fourth thursday of November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a national holiday honoring the early settlers and their harvest feast known as the first Thanksgiving.

Hey children: This week is "Thanksgiving day" and we are going to celebrate it in the classrrom. Here you are some videos and materials we are going to see and use:

1.- The story of Thanksgiving explained by children:

2.- Cartoons: The story of Thanksgiving:

3.- The Thanksgiving song:

This is the song we are going to continue learning with Robert: Thanksgiving Feast

 This is the Song we are going to dance with Robert: Turkey Hokey Pokey Song

This is another interesting Thanksgiving song: 

4.- Thanksgiving vocabulary:

Thanksgiving Word Mat

Use our Thanksgiving word mat as a poster or prompt to help with our vocabulary worksheets. Alternatively, laminate and use as a placemat to brighten up the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Word Mat
5.- A Thanksgiving Quizz: 

kids.nationalgeographic.com: quiz-whiz-thanksgiving

 6.- Thanksgiving coloring pages:

Fuente: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/thanksgiving-colouring-pages

Happy Thanksgiving Colouring Page

This Happy Thanksgiving colouring page design features some special Thanksgiving images, including a cornucopia, pumpkin pie and a pilgrim's hat!

Happy Thanksgiving colouring page

Harvest Basket Colouring Page

This harvest baskete colouring page is sure to keep the kids busy - identifying the fruit and vegetables and choosing the right colours for them! Perfect for a Harvest Festival display, perhaps?

Harvest basket colouring page

Native American Boy Colour by Number

Here's a cute Native American boy coloring page, just one of a set of Thanksgiving coloring pages for younger kids at Activity Village. UK and US versions available.

Native American boy colour by number 

Native American Boy Colouring Page

Here's a cute Native American boy coloring page, just one of a set of Thanksgiving coloring pages for younger kids at Activity Village.

Native American Girl Colour by Number

Our Native American girl color by number is one of a set of Thanksgiving printables for younger children at Activity Village. UK and US versions available.

Native American girl colour by number

Native American Girl Colouring Page

Print out our cute Native American girl coloring page as a Thanksgiving coloring activity.

Native American girl colouring page

Pilgrim Boy Colour by Number

Fun for Thanksgiving, this pilgrim boy colour by number encourages younger children to match up colour and number to create their Thanksgiving pilgrim picture.

Pilgrim boy colour by number

Pilgrim Boy Colouring Page

Print and enjoy this pilgrim boy colouring page, one of our Thanksgiving colouring pages for younger kids.
Pilgrim boy colouring page

Pilgrim Girl Colour by Number

More fun than a normal Thanksgiving colouring page, this pilgrim girl colour by number gets the kids matching up numbers and colours to finish the picture!

Pilgrim girl colour by number

Pilgrim Girl Colouring Page

Here's a cute pilgrim girl colouring page to print, just one of our Thanksgiving colouring pages for younger kids.

Pilgrim ship colour by number

Pilgrim Ship Colour by Number

Print out our pilgrim ship colour by number for some Mayflower colouring fun at Thanksgiving!

Pilgrim ship colour by number

Pilgrim Ship Colouring Page

The Mayflower pilgrim ship is a popular colouring page at Thanksgiving. Here's a simple version for younger children.

Pilgrim ship colouring page

Thankful Doodle Colouring Page

Here is a lovely doodle colouring page based around the word "Thankful" for your Thanksgiving colouring fun. With lots of detail it is perfect for older children or adults. We also have a "colour pop" version with the background pre-coloured.
Thankful doodle colouring page 

Thanksgiving Colouring Page 1

This Thanksgiving colouring page for younger children shows a fruitful pumpkin patch and a pumpkin pie about to be enjoyed by a pilgrim couple! We hope the kids enjoy colouring it in...

Thanksgiving colouring page 1

Thanksgiving Colouring Page 2

Here's a lovely Thanksgiving colouring page for younger children showing a pilgrim family sitting down to their first Thanksgiving dinner, complete with a splendid turkey!

Thanskgiving colouring page 2 

Thanksgiving Colouring Page 3

In this fun Thanksgiving colouring page a pilgrim family and Native American family share a harvest feast.

Thanskgiving colouring page 3

Thanksgiving Colouring Page 4

In this Thanksgiving colouring page, two Native American children help with the pumpkin harvest.

Thanksgiving colouring page 4 

Thanksgiving Doodle Colouring Bookmarks

Perfect for older kids, these doodle colouring bookmarks for Thanksgiving are in a style that's really popular right now, with lots of little details to test those colouring skills!

Thanksgiving doodle colouring bookmarks

Thanksgiving Turkey Colour by Pattern

Colour in this lovely picture of a Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkins, using the key below to match the colours and patterns. Something different to try!

Thanksgiving turkey colour by pattern 

Turkey Colouring Page

Here's a lovely big and bold turkey colouring page for younger kids, for Thanksgiving or perhaps a farmyard theme.

Turkey colouring page

Thanksgiving Cut and Complete the Picture

Our Thanksgiving cut and complete picture tests both cutting skills and jigsaw skills as children have to cut out the rectangles and paste them into the right space on the picture. Andof course then they can enjoy colouring in the picture too.

Thanksgiving Cut and Complete the Picture

Don't Forget the Thanksgiving Turkey!

Thanksgiving Turkey
Of course a turkey is an essential part of Thanksgiving, and we have a whole turkey theme" here at Activity Village for you to explore:


I  hope you will enjoy Thanksgiving day!!!